About us


From the GRUPO Habitat El Puerto , We want to explain the advantages to you today . To commission the sale or rental of your property exclusively:

1º.- From the moment of the signature of the custom sheet Sale or rental, your property is incorporated into a database shared by all the real estate that make up the group, and will only have one interlocutor, which will save you the inconvenience that can be caused by working with several agencies at a time.

2º.-In the same way, Of filtered customers with real purchase or rental potential. In addition, you will be assured that the person who visits your home is previously identified for your safety and that of your family.

3º.-Thanks to the great market research information we can Contribute among all the agencies of the group, we will give a price assessment adjusted to the reality of your area, so we can give you a real perspective.

4º.-Investment in advertising, We will multiply the contacts of interested parties by publishing their property in the best real estate portals, as well as on the websites of the group agencies.